Nole Marketing revealed their new case study today on guest posts links and how they can be toxic to a website? This case study proves that guest posts are still working and are not toxic.

The case study also pointed out, that when posting often and correctly, it actually improve’s the relevance and authority of a website.

Nole Marketing owner Brian Bustamante says, “There are many people looking for insights and answers about guest blog posts toxicity. Especially when Googles announced on Thursday, May 25, 2017 about the dangers of doing spammy guest posts. Google listed multiple ways that they where monitoring spammy links generated this way and syndicated out through link wheels. Google pointed out that if website owners decide to enter into these practices they are in fact breaking Google’s Terms of Services.”

This case study highlights:

* The importance of hiring article writers that are in fact knowledgable about their industry and can write about relevant topics. Bloggers can’t just stuff keywords into the body and url and expect to pass quality standards.

* If bloggers are producing low quality articles and linking to poor quality websites, then Google will depreciate the post and may punish the site.

* How low quality articles made for links are spammy. Whats worse is syndicating the exact same duplicate content will also negatively effect websites.

At the same time Google knows that industry experts can not be an authority without writing content that appears only on one website. If someone is truly an expert, than they will be able to share their expertise on trade magazines and sites that will be shared across multiple platforms.

Some of the benefits of guest blogging are:

* The ability to share knowledge with a new audience. This is called exposure.

* The exposure will give lead to more traffic to the website and also to the branded social media accounts.

* Instantly establish credibility and branding a website and makes it more credible and authoritative.

* Improved rankings due to frequent publishing.

This case study is available at

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