Digital Marketing is the one of the most important reasons your product or service will be successful in 2017. New customers keep you growing and in business. Knowing how to use Digital Marketing in Parkland Florida will separate you from your competition.

Digital marketing encompass all forms of online advertising. It includes Seo Optimization and online marketing, and Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and more. Advertising online can also be done through community forums, blogs and Pay Per Click marketing. All of which need to be handled correctly.

Don’t Just Sit There! Start Seo Optimization


Seo Optimizing your website includes modifying your Page Titles, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, H-tags and even your Urls. Ok, that is a lot of information that I just threw at you. You could literally spend thousands of dollars paying an seo expert to fix your site.

There are Parkland Seo Agencies that don’t know or wont engage in fixing your website optimization before putting a marketing plan together. That is bad because you pay for website traffic to come to your site and buy your product or service, but because of poor onsite optimization, the visitor will never be able to run a google search and find you again.

The lesson here is any Digital Marketing Campaign must include seo services to accompany the traffic visiting your website to ensure future sales.

Learn How to Social Media or Pay an Online Marketing Company to do it for you.

Gone are the days when you could put an ad in the local newspaper or penny saver/the flyer. Everything form of advertising has gone digital. If you don’t know how to manage, engage your customers and write compelling ads, you will be eaten by your competition.

However most small business are run by just one person. Leaving the business owner to not only to manage his business but also to run it. It is a tough job when you wear every hat in your business. Now add the complexity of running effective social media campaigns.

For example, try running Facebook ads, a craigslist marketing campaign and google ad campaign all while trying to run day to day business. There are simply not enough hours in the day. Your best bet is to try 1 campaign at a time. Know that you will have a learning curve and be willing to pay for your marketing mistakes. It is not easy.

Here is a Facebook crash course that will help you understand it.

How to Start with Facebook Advertising.


Facebook Advertising is very easy if you know where to start. They have their own guides published online. Go to and you will see that they have a wealth of information.

From there you will learn how to place an ad. There are multiple ad formats and multiple ad placements. For example you can place an ad in someones Facebook stream or make it a suggested post or have the ad run on desktops only on the right hand side away from their stream.

You will also learn the different formats your ad can be presented in. For example you can place a video ad, a carousel of pictures ad, a slideshow or even just a single picture. Testing your ad and measuring how well it performs will help you decide on which ads to keep and which ones are duds.

Another great feature is the Facebook Audience creator. This feature lets you target your exact customer. You will have three options : core audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences.

Core audience is people who know who the customers are and can build a profile about their customer. For example, if you are a plumber and you want to target homeowners in a certain zip code, suburb, city or even county.

For your repeat customers you would use the custom audience feature as it allows you to upload the past customers email address so you can advertise specifically to them. Realtors will often use a custom audience to stay top of mind with their past clients.

Lastly lookalike audiences, takes your existing audiences and creates a new audience that have the same characteristics. For example, you have been marketing to your clients and want to find new clients that have similar characteristics to them.

What to do About your Digital Marketing Needs in Parkland, FL.

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Now you know that Parkland digital marketing requires not only an seo consultant with the skills to do provide search engine optimization services, but also Social Media skills. When comparing seo agencies in Parkland, FL, you need to be aware of what services are going to be provided to you.

It will also help you better understand the process if you read some of the online guides provided by the platform you want to advertise on. Every site should have an area where you can read through their guidelines.

Now matter what route you choose, whether hiring a local seo or going on your own, your are bound to be successful if you stay the course.

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