Local SEO

Do you need Local SEO?

Do you own a local business? Then you understand the challenges that come with marketing your website online trying to get people to notice it. Local SEO is a lot different from your average SEO campaign, and the local search results are changing more rapidly than ever before.

So in the old days of the internet, you just got a bunch of random links and you could rank. Nowadays, thats a great way to get your site banned by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Today your website needs quality over quantity. If you want to tackle this task on your own, there’s a lot of up-front work needed to be done. Lets start with your website structure. To ensure that you’re able to get the best possible results, you need a solid website architecture. A lot like the way a house is built, there is some things that are functional and some things that need to be there because its code. The same applies to your website  and it has to be up to Google code. Knowing this will help you figure things out.

To rank in the google map listings, you will need citations for your business. These need to be from local places in an around town. These are signals to the search engines that you are in fact a local business. Most citations happen very slowly over time. Most have incorrect data as the information is typically picked up from web spiders crawling the internet.

The best citation is your “Google My Business” listing. If you haven’t already claimed your business on google, than go ahead and do it. How you set it up is very important and is only one of the many steps in getting you to show up in the maps section of a web search.

Next, you’ll need Schema.org markup on your website to tell the search engines you are  a local business.

Next Step is to get reviews from your customers. These reviews are so important because these are another ranking signal to search engines. There is a direct correlation between your reviews and your website rankings.

These reviews can come on any website like Google, Facebook and even Yelp and Super Pages. The easiest thing is to contact your regular or existing customers and simply ask them to review you on one of the sites. If they are happy with your product or service you should have no problem collecting these reviews.

The last ranking signal that you need to focus on for Local SEO is your Click Through Rate. Click Through Rate is a metric used to see how many people clicked on your site and found what they were looking for. So the higher the rate, the better. CTR is so important that Google uses it in their ad platform as one of the metrics used for website quality.

Now that you know how important it is. Your Click Through Rate needs to be very good. To maximize your CTR, you need the following:

  • Optimized Meta Title
  • Optimized Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • H1 Tags
  • Images
  • Optimized website pages with content for your customers and local keyword data.
  • Links that are organic and local to you.

Now that you know what it takes to get your website ranked locally go do it or better yet let the pros at Nole Marketing handle it for you.

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